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2004 | ACEC–Illinois
Engineering Excellence Honor Award
The Quarter
East Moline, IL

East Moline is located on the Mississippi River and did not have access areas or development potential adjacent to the river. A partnership was formed between the City and the economic development group REDEEM. The community envisioned that the economic vitality of the City would be enhanced through the development of properties along the Mississippi River. Nearly all riverfront land was industrial and there were concerns regarding wetlands access utility service and what potentially regarding wetlands, access, utility service and what potentially harmful materials had been disposed of before many of our current environmental regulations were in place. The redevelopment plan Quarter was prepared and planning, engineering and execution pushed the vision forward resulting in a project that has transformed 78 acres of Brownfield into an area that combines public access and use of the river with mixed-use commercial and residential land that has created a new tax base, revitalized the downtown and provided an impetus for new development.

The City of East Moline retained McClure Engineering to provide engineering support to the Quarter Management Team and technical evaluations and guidance regarding the feasibility of the development and to coordinate the various private and public entities involved with the many facets of the project. As a member of the Quarter Management Team, McClure's role included project management for the layout and design of the required infrastructure, assistance in grant application preparation, direction of sub-consultants, in wetland delineation and mitigation, environmental investigation, cleanup strategies and Land Use Controls (LUCs). Ensuring the implementation of wetland mitigation, LUCs and cleanup strategies to manage or end pathways between the sources of contamination and the receptors, McClure executed the vision of community leaders and the planner through innovative design of the infrastructure throughout the Quarter. In addition to the development of the Quarter, additional value added design and coordination services included boundary surveys and subdivision plats, roadways design and construction services, water mains, sanitary sewer and storm drainage design, bikeway and pedestrian trail design, privacy berm, screening and landscaping. Welcome Center design, condominium site layout, funding and grant administration.

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