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Waste Water Services

Waste Water is any water that has been adversely affected in quality by human influence. Municipal wastewater is carried through sewers to a waste water treatment plant where it is treated and cleaned. The clean waste water is discharged into a receiving stream or lake where it re-enters into the water cycle.

A dependable waste water collection and treatment plan is crucial to maintaining the quality of public water supplies. An optimal solution requires an understanding of the complex issues of public sewerage systems. During this period of tight budgets, communities must comply with the regulations, control costs and maintain an effective functional system.

McClure has the experience to develop successful waste water treatment systems for communities of every size. Our water engineers design "user friendly" systems by working with your operating personnel through all phases of design. We are with you for system "start-up" procedures and continue to be with you as operations and maintenance continues.

We will design a waste water system that conforms to your community's specific needs and complies with current government rules and regulations.

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