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Land Development Services

Successful land development is always a balancing act, meeting not only the needs of the developer, but also of the local government, the citizenry and the environment. Keeping your project moving constantly forward requires a project team that understands the issues surrounding the site, and can move quickly to resolve them.

Whether the project is a new park facility, a residential subdivision, a large multi-use development or a "big box" store, McClure's experienced associates understand the process and know how to negotiate agreements acceptable to all interested parties. Throughout the concept and entitlement phases, we work closely with you and your team to settle issues and ensure compliance with local, state and federal regulations. As your project moves to the design phase, we focus on the objective of selling lots, building homes and occupying stores in the quickest possible time and within a reasonable budget.

Our ability to determine requirements in the earliest phases of a project has enabled us to move projects quickly through the permitting and bidding phases. During the construction phase, our design team is available to the contractor. We stay with you until your project is complete and ready for use.

Land Development Services

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